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Who are Eagle’s Eye Media Agency South Sudan (EMASS)

Eagle’s Eye Media Agency South Sudan (EMASS) is a South Sudan local media agency that seeks to throw more lights on matters that are of concern to South Sudanese. The agency produces and writes media content on various human interest stories in South Sudan.

Eagle’s Eye Media works as the eye of the common citizens by exposing some of the ills undermining development in all aspects within and outside the country.

Founded in 2018, Eagle’s Eye Media Agency South Sudan (EMASS), is a women led multimedia organization that seeks to highlight the sociopolitical, economic and cultural concerns of South Sudanese with a bias on women, youth and people at the margins of society.

The agency does not only expose issues but also infuse in their journalistic impact to encourage positive change through a narrative of change.


“Transforming the nation through vibrant media”


To contribute to the welfare of people through positive impact media content, good information dissemination, civic engagement, towards fostering integral human development, respect for human rights and transformation of South Sudan

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