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Home News South Sudan experiences increase in Malaria cases

South Sudan experiences increase in Malaria cases

Clinical officer at Yei civil hospital is warning that cases of malaria in the county is on the rise causing so far six death.
Justo Ludanga Yoasa blames the government for having poor intervention measures to prevent the spread of malaria especially on drainage system.

“Poor drainage acts as breading ground for mosquitoes hence increasing the risk of infection among people. Lack of mosquito nets for people due to inaccessibility of other parts of the areas because of insecurity has also contributed to the increased cases”, he explained

The cumulative number of malaria cases from May to June are 7,879 of which 3,843 were admitted, 341 patients where at the outpatient department and six patients died.

The clinical officer said the figure could be higher than that because other people go to private hospitals and others live in rural areas with no access to medical services due to insecurity .

Yei is not the only county in South Sudan facing increase in malaria cases. Recently a clinical officer Joseph Maker in one of the hospitals in Tonj reported a sharp rise in cases of malaria among children and pregnant mothers.

The clinical officers appealed to government to carry out mass health education program to educate the public on the prevention methods of Malaria.

However Ludanga hopes that people will take serious measures to protect themselves from malaria just like they do with the global corona virus pandemic and Ebola.


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