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The killing of three siblings in South Sudan spark concerns in the country

“The pain and trauma inflicted on this family is enormous. I will ensure the culprit pays for his crime” President Salva Kiir.

The killing of three siblings in Juba on August 1st has sparked several concerns in South Sudan. The three siblings aged 9, 7 and 4 respectively were brutally murdered in one of the suburbs of Juba while they were home watching television.

The crime was committed in such a way that no evidence was left behind to immediately identify the suspect or culprit.

The murder of the three girls provoked South Sudanese citizens from across the world to call for justice and the arrest of the suspect. On August 3rd, President Salva Kiir Mayardit issued a statement on the incident sharing his shock and pain with the bereaved family.

“The pain and trauma inflicted by the perpetrator of this crime is enormous and I will ensure the culprit pays dearly for this heinous crime”, he said. The president directed the Law enforcement agencies to use all the tools in their disposal to hold the perpetrator accountable.

The metropolitan Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Juba Stephen Ameyu Mulla said he was saddened and it is his first time to see such brutal crime committed against children in this country. The archbishop called upon South Sudanese to embrace their traditions of considering women and children as innocent people.

“From our traditional way of life, women and children are regarded as innocent even during conflict. Today as an independent nation, how could this happen? He asked. I call upon all South Sudanese to examine their conscience and leave children out of any danger,” the archbishop said.

How the crime occurred.

The three children (Naomi Edward, Blessings Edward, Faith Edward) and their mother Galida Gideon were living at their home in Rock city outside Juba. The house belongs to a close relative of the mother who is now deceased.

According to a family representative, the children were living in the house because the real owners of that home traveled to Uganda and the house was empty. On that fateful day of August 1st, the mother Gailda went to visit a relative in the hospital and on her return at around 4:00 pm EST, she found all her three little girls were murdered in cold blood and blood was flowing all over the living room. Shocked and confused, she called the police and reported the incident.

The father of the kids, a lecturer at one of the universities in Juba Edward Jame was also not at home at the time of the incident. An investigation was launched.

The investigation

As the investigation into the brutal murder of the three siblings was on-going, different media outlets reported the issue mounting accusations on different people. Other media houses examined the personal relationships of the parents to see if there is a connection with the murdering of the kids. The police were swift in responding to the crime since it was the first time such a crime occurred in an urban setting in the country.

An unnamed source within the police unit told our reporter that they arrested 16 suspects related to the crime. Almost every neighbor was a presumed suspect including the kids parents. On Monday October 10th, the Inspector general of the South Sudan Police Gen. “Majok Akech Malok announced that the prime suspect of the crime has been identified as a close relative of the family.

He said Babu Emmanuel Logiri a 24-year-old, fourth year student at University of Juba has been arrested with some incriminating evidence relating to the crime.

“We have identified the prime suspect of the august 1st murder of the three kids at Rock city. We found incriminating evidence on the suspect and these evidences will be presented to court during trial”, the IGP told the press.

The South Sudan police chief also said that those who were arrested during the investigation have been released.

The police said their investigation also found out that the prime suspect is a relative of the family who used to regularly visit the children. It is not yet clear why the suspect committed the crime and if he has any mental disability.

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