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Flood victims in Mangala IDP Camp in Central Equatoria State complain of hunger

The Internally Displaced Persons or IDP’s in Mangala Camp complain about lack of food and humanitarian assistance since they arrived from Bor.

Speaking to the press on Sunday at the camp, James Ally Akech Chief of Panyagor said the IDP’s cannot sustain themselves because most of them left Bor Empty handed.

“All our belongings were carried by the floods including utensils, cows and goats, we are completely left with nothing,” Ally Lamented.

The IDP elder appealed to nongovernmental organization to support the displaced in Mangala with food and non-food Items.

Ally said that the group that were displaced from Bor are lacking proper shelters, most of the children are severely ill.

“All the children are sick, the IDP’s lack palaces to sleep, there is no doctor to help treat the sick, the situation has been like this since the group arrived three months back,” He narrated.

He explained that the heavy flooding that hit Bor has destroyed their houses and other belongings leaving them with nothing.

Meanwhile, Peter Mayen Majongdit, Minister of Humanitarian and Disaster management said that the government intend to provide a mobile clinic to the IDPs at the camp.

“Mangala IDP camp only have one clinic which is overwhelmed by patients trying to get treatment hence the need to provide more health services to people,” the Minister stated.

According to the minister of humanitarian and disaster management more than 250 people arrive to the area almost on weekly basis making it harder to take care of their needs.

Mayen Jacob Clinical Officer at Mangala Highway Clinic said that he is overwhelmed with the number of people who seek medical attention at the health facility.

“The main diseases diagnosed here among the IDPS are malaria, diarrhea and respiratory infections,” He explained.

However, Minister of Wild Life Conservation and Tourism, Rizik Zakaria urged the IDP’s to be extra vigilant about presence of wild animals in the areas.

He said the place where the camp is located was a National Park called Badingilo and might be harboring some wild animals.

Myree a Lebanese counsel to South Sudan and owner of both crown hotel and skyline Construction Company has made a donation of food and non-food items to the victims of flood at Mangala IDP site in Juba.

Thousands of displaced person affected by devastating floods from Jonglei State have continued to arrive in Mangala.


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