TIDE holds dialogue with over 10 grassroots civil society activists about challenges facing startup organizations in South Sudan.


A Non-governmental grassroot organization known as Talent Initiative for Development TIDE held a dialogue with about 15 grassroots civil societies organization in Juba to find out some of the main challenges affecting such organizations.

The conversation mainly focused on resources mobilizations and working space and some of the policies donor organizations imposed while requesting for proposals from start-up/grassroot organizations.

One of the participants who is also the Executive Director of Women for Change, Anna Tazita Samuel said donor organization put unrealistic demands for grassroot organizations especially about policies. She added Many times; Grassroots organization’s proposals are rated/compared with a well-established organization which is having over ten years of existence in operations and all policies and systems put in place.

Ms. Anna appealed to donor organization to start being considerate especially when they send out calls for proposals and their main target is the grassroot organization.

So, I think that donors should help the grassroots organization by developing these policies together or does not make policy as a priority in considering a startup/grassroot organization in grant making. If an organization have one year of experience with no running funded project how can they have all the policies in place? that is not possible and donor organization should start reconsidering such requirement when they are calling for proposals”, The Executive director stressed.

Meanwhile the team leader of Talent Initiative for Development, Samuel Sebitacknowledged that the issue of policy does hinder many grassroots activists from getting funding for their projects even though they are doing great work in their various community.

He added his organization TIDE have been facing many challenges of this kind and lack of office space.

“We have been facing a big challenge of having working space like an office. This is difficult for us as startup and grassroot organization because we cannot maintain the operational cost because of lack of funding. And, many donors put a lot of requirement especially when it comes to the time of calling for proposals small/grassroots organizations are not considered as many of the requirement asked may not be met by these grassroots activists,” Samuel stated.

TIDE is a creative arts organization that was founded based on using art to promote peace building, leadership and youths’ empowerment through collection of different talents and change makers at the grassroots level to ensure that their voices are modified in the pursuit of peace and development in South Sudan


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