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Citizens in Yei call on the health authorities to prioritized prevention of malaria in South Sudan.

Citizens in Yei of Central Equatoria State are calling on the government especially the health ministry to prioritize prevention of malaria in the country.

The call came during the celebration of World Malaria Day which is annually marked on April 25th.

A resident of Yei John Wani said health authority in the county and the country at large need to consider the disease as public concern.

He added with the onset of the rainy season malaria cases in hospitals will soar, immediate efforts are needed to curb the disease.

Wani mentioned that this month alone, three different members of his family were diagnosed with malaria and that its treatment is costly especially in the private hospitals.

“Let the health authorities in the County, state and the country at large put into consideration efforts to addressing malaria as a major concern. We have common cases of the disease registered in every health facility. I had three members of my family diagnosed with the disease this month alone, therefore, the health ministry should put in place measure to mitigate the rampant cases of malaria,” he appealed.

Another citizen Mandela Nelson is encouraging the entire population to get involved in the fight to eradicate malaria.

He advised the public to always consider sleeping under treated mosquito nets to avoid Mosquito bites.

“I advise the people to ensure that there is individual involvement in fight against malaria, we can do the necessary practice which includes sleeping under mosquito nets, removing stagnant water and clearing the bushes around our home surroundings to eradicate the rampant cases of malaria,” he advises.

A medical doctor at Yei civil hospital Joseph Malish said malaria is still the leading infection in the hospital.

Doctor Joseph added that though diarrhoea infection is also a common in the area, but a bigger percentage of the patients visiting the hospital present malaria infection.

The doctor advises public to ensure cleaning their surroundings and sleep under treated mosquito nets to prevent malaria.

We have a common disease which is diarrhoea and the leading disease is malaria which is 60 percent of our concentration. All of us know malaria can be transmitted via mosquitoes bites, especially during rainy season, most of our grasses and stagnant water acted as a breeding place for the mosquitoes, when coming to the prevention we always encourage breastfeeding mothers to always sleep under the mosquito nets and do cleaning around the home compounds, and allow the water to flow not to remain stagnant and use insecticides to kill the mosquitoes and we also encourage children to put on long sleeves cloth to help protect them from mosquito bites”, he advises.

He also mentioned pneumonia and malnutrition as other common diseases affecting children under 5 years.

From paediatrics ward children under 5 years we have them sick of pneumonia due bacterial infections, and we also have acute watery diarrhoea which is another common disease in our area, followed by malnutrition and TB, so this are the major diseases that we always record in the hospital here”, he explains.

WHO celebrates World Malaria Day each year on 25 April to underscore the collective energy and commitment of the global malaria community in uniting around the common goal of a world free of malaria.


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