Friday, March 24, 2023
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Home News Citizens of Yei call for inclusivity in the South Sudan constitution making...

Citizens of Yei call for inclusivity in the South Sudan constitution making process.

Citizens of Yei River County in South Sudan’s Central Equatoria state are calling on the committee tasked with collections of views of the country people to consider the ideas of the people in the rural areas.

One of the senior citizens Anthony Diko says involvement of views of the citizens from grassroots will help the nation have laws which are strong that will favor each and every individual in the country.

He reveals the previous transitional constitutions did not reflect the views and opinions of all South Sudanese.

Mr. Anthony urges the constitution review commission to reach all the citizens in the rural areas to have their own thoughts on their constitution.

“We want to inform the committee which is tasked with the collections of the views of the citizens for the constitution making process to ensure involvement of every south Sudanese to help the nations have strong laws that will favor every individual in the country. The transitional constitutions did not reflect the views and opinions of the citizens but this time we want to see that we make them because they are our order for them to be respected, we need to be part and partial of the development,” the elder notes.

Yei River County Youth Chairperson Johnson Poru comments that involvement of the views of all will contribute towards positive laws that will protect the nation from individuals who want to use the resources of the country for personal gains.

He urges all citizens to give their views without fear so that the permanent constitution will not affect the future generation.

The Youth leader regrets lack of recognition of the South Sudan constitution by the citizens.

“I believe that involvement of every individual in the constitution making process will contribute to positive laws that protects the nation from individuals who want to use the country’s resources for personal gains. I urge all of us to give our views without fear if we want to see a better future for the nation. The biggest issue is lack of recognition of the constitution by the citizens,” he adds.

Meanwhile Winnie Nyoka urges citizens to have views that will determine the existence of the country.

she regrets that selfishness and greed has led many South Sudan into a mess.

Ms. Winnie calls for a constitution that will bring and determine the procedure and system of change of a government.

I want to urge my fellow country men and women to have views that determine the existence of the sorry to mention that selfishness and greedy has made south Sudanese to mess the country. I appeal for reforms to put the country back. We should have a constitution that brings and determine the procedure and system of change of government,” she notes.

The Revitalized Peace Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan stipulates that during the transitional period, the revitalized transitional government of national unity will oversee a permanent constitution making process that will be guided by several principles.

The permanent constitution making process will be completed within 24 months of the transitional period and it should be in place to guide the elections at the end of the transitional period.

South Sudanese are expected go to the polls next year amidst some of the unresolved issues in the Peace Accord.


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