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Home News CECO trains 15 community GBV champions and support group in Yei

CECO trains 15 community GBV champions and support group in Yei

A National NGO- Care for Elderly Community Organization-CECO on Friday trained fifteen community Gender based Violence Champions and support group at ECSS guest house in Yei River County of Central Equatoria State.

The one-day capacity building training brought together participants from different walks of life including government official, older women and men, teenagers and persons with disability.

The training is in line with the sixteen days of activism to end violence against women and girls.

Speaking during the conclusion of the training, CECO’s program coordinator Mambo John Piripiri comments that gender-based violence is very common in many families.

He added the aim of this training is to build the capacity of community GBV Champions and gender support groups.

Mambo regrets that families that experiences lots of conflicts normally leads to children copying the same behavior hence making it hard to break the cycle of GBV in the community.

The program coordinator advised the trained participants to be champions of GBV by standing in their various community against the vice.

“Gender-based violence is something that is very common in many families. Children raised in families where a woman is abused are also victims of violence sometimes not physically, but always psychologically. The children witness violence and may form the impression that such behavior is justified or normal. As a community GBV champions, use the knowledge gained in this training to counsel and support people in the different areas where you come from,” CECO program coordinator appeals.

John believes that freedom from violence is a fundamental human right, and gender-based violence undermines a person’s sense of self-worth and self-esteem because it affects not only physical health but also mental health.

The program coordinator urges citizens to join hands in the fight against gender-based violence in societies.

 “Freedom from violence is a fundamental human right of every individual in this country and the whole world so let’s join our hands together and call on the government to toughen punishment of perpetrators of gender-based violence”, He added.

Meanwhile Mary Anita, in charge of religious affairs in the department of gender child and social welfare in Yei River County pointed out that early and forced marriage affects majority of women and girls in the county.

She added denial of access to education by married women especially those who were married at young age by their husbands is hard.

The official calls for an end to gender-based violence against women and girls and urges men to protect their wives.

“Most of the time young girls are forced to marry early denying them access to education. Some men do not allow their wives to go back to school after getting married which also contributes to divorce. Many young girls end up getting frustrated after getting married because they are denied many things including going back to school. Some educated women are even denied work opportunities by their husbands,” regretted Mary.

Anita also stressed that denial of inheritance of property by women especially if their husbands has died is another challenge affecting women in the communities.

She explained when a woman is married, she has the right to inherit the husband’s property after the death of her partner.

The training facilitated by Care for Elderly Community Organization CECO is supported by Care International in South Sudan


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